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Many presentations from BoD
to the ‘Wereld Weken’

PowerPoint World Map
The atlas can be left on the shelf!
Select countries by name
Make no more mistakes
Sold in 60+ countries
PowerPoint World Map
Daedalus Presentaties is
a consulting company that creates
presentations which through
synergy of content and design
are respected as authoritative
Daedalus Presentaties is
Professionals at academic level
Design in text and image
Exceeding the possibilities
Awarded presentations
Hardware advice and support
Daedalus was
the father of Icarus,
they escaped from
the Labyrinth with
wings made out of
feathers and wax
Daedalus was
a great designer and artist from
the classical Greek mythology who
presented his concepts in a way
they were experienced as reality
‘Show’ room
Demo and testing,
full surround
and Blu-ray
‘Show’ room
Blinds driven on
solar energy and
green charging
on the Electree
PowerPoint Professionals
Flexible, fast, efficient, consulting,
state-of-the-art productions and
outstanding references
PowerPoint Professionals
Distinctive up to ‘mind blowing’
Of 1st idea to local support
Each story fully empowered
Training & guidance
No ‘surprises’ on open calculation
To innovate in visual communication
“... so, you guys do PowerPoint... ?"
Yep. Our core business since 1998.

(...and you save time for yours)
“…all other nominees may feel free to take an example to this very special presentation!” - Jan Timmer
“Your flexibility and consulting skills are unique and really refreshing!”.
“At the end of the presentation, the only question they asked was, … and when do we get him!?”
- Sven Postma, Manager IT, KLM
“It is every time a little party to use your presentation.”.
“Compliments! Our ppt looked the best and our college-President is very satisfied. That I love to share with you!”
- H. Oosterzee, UvA
“Thanks for your huge commitment, especially so in the nights and weekends!”.
“Given the presentation this morning and it was Super! It is a pleasure to use the presentation.” - Dave Taylor, CEO, Onguard
“We are very excited about the presentation!”.
“This looks very good. Well done! Regards” - Simon Harries, Divisional Director Maritime, Royal Haskoning
“Sounds like music to my ears that you guys are so convenient! (My experience with other agencies have not always been that positive ...)”.
“SUPER! Great, I didn't dare dream this! regards, Sara”
- Sara Joosten, Ricoh
“How great! If only more companies were so …”.
“Thank you! The result is very nice” - B. Goren, SkyTeam
“... looks excellent ... great work!”.
“It all looks really super. I knew that you guys are the experts, but still nice to see such a beautiful result.”
- M. Choufoer, Welzorg
“Thanks again, and I'll let you know how things have gone tomorrow.”

“Resounding success!!!”
“The information market was a great success! The quality of the movie was fine, so we are very satisfied!” NMT
“It looks Top off! Thanks again for the quick service.”
“The presentation went very well and the ppt has been accepted very positively by ING. Thanks a lot!” - Nitesh Saini, ING
“This looks very good.”
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